Delivery RL - Entering The Final Stretch

March 9, 2018

Current Status

While still far from polished I decided on my fifth (fourth full) day, to spend most of it messing with my tool chain and polishing some of the UI elements that have been driving me crazy. I finally spent time porting more of the interface to using better drawing characters. I also abstracted out the controls so I could more cleanly support a variety of control schemes for different players (numpad, arrows, vi keys).

Unexpected Progress

To top it all off, after thinking I was about done for the day, I ended up digging in hard and redoing my core game loop. It turns out I was not polling the SDL2 event loop properly. I had a lingering bug where whenever I’d mouse over the window the game would become unresponsive. I did not seem to have the issue in Windows (only Linux) so I figured it was a platform issue instead. Whoops! Everything is working so much better now and I’m happy to have that out of the way!

On Game Design

On the topic of game design, I think I’ve figured out what’s up next, and it’s going to be aggressively cutting even more content. I am going to try to turn this into a mad dash to the bottom of the dungeon. The hero will have evasive powers, lots of items to throw, and hopefully more interesting interactions with monsters.

I’m considering remodeling HP as food items but I haven’t figured all of that out yet. More to come!

A short recording demonstrating the warp mechanic of DeliveryRL.

Just a demo of some stuff that was added. A blink maneuver, help screen, and improved item usage. Also featured is a minor vision bug introduced (and have subsequently fixed) in the game loop refactor.